The TDSi Difference

What is the TDSi Difference?

Our new clients choose us because of our experience and reputation.

Our return clients choose us because of The TDSi Difference…

TDSi is truly an independent consulting firm. We do NOT resell hardware or software. Therefore, there is no risk that our analysis will be biased in any way towards certain solutions that we resell, implement and/or support. We will provide an objective and independent assessment of needs and are influenced only by vendors’ capabilities to satisfy the requirements identified during a project.
TDSi consultants average over 20 years of experience in their respective fields and more than 10 years in consulting. We believe in staffing every project with highly qualified individuals that not only understand the technology, but also know how to apply that technology to meet your business needs.
We provide our clients with consulting services across the IT spectrum. Whether you require certified installation specialists for a specific short-term engagement or contract assistance for a long term support arrangement, TDSi has the resources to meet your needs.
We have performed project management engagements which include: highly technical infrastructure replacement projects, data center and call center relocations, call center design and implementation projects, application design and implementation. In many cases, we oversee or mentor the onsite project manager, providing technical and vendor management insight as required.
Our consulting firm purposefully maintains a low overhead cost structure so we can successfully compete for projects. We tailor our consulting approach to meet each client’s specific needs, eliminating unnecessary- and sometimes costly- steps for each project. We believe we provide the highest quality of services that are cost-effective and will meet or exceed expectations.
Since TDSi can be selective about the clients and projects we engage, our clients always receive the highest degree of attention. Client satisfaction is an integral part of our mission. Our mandate is to assure that each client’s needs are satisfied, and we prioritize projects and workloads appropriately to achieve this goal.
Throughout our many years of experience, we have worked in a number of vertical markets. We bring this experience and expertise to every project we design, develop, and manage.

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