About Us

Technical Design Services, Inc. (TDSi), is a technology infrastructure design and consulting firm located in Naperville, Illinois.

TDSi was incorporated in 1999 with the mission of providing design and consulting services for clients with needs in the areas of Structured Cable design, Audio/Visual design, Electronic Security System design and CAD services. We soon integrated Networking and Telecommunications consulting and added  Project Management and Strategic Planning consulting capabilities.

TDSi has conducted many successful consulting engagements, both locally and across the nation, by providing professional quality and value-added services in a timely manner. We work closely with our clients to develop high performance and cost-effective solutions that meet their current and future needs. We hire highly motivated and experienced consultants and foster a creative work environment for our employees. We encourage our consultants to be flexible and to provide objective consulting services that work toward our clients’ technical and business goals.

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