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Careers at TDSi

TDSi, located in Naperville, IL, employs people with above average talent and outstanding character with a willingness to excel as members of the TDSi team. In return, we offer an opportunity to work on some of the most interesting projects in the industry, together with a competitive compensation and benefits package.


[checklist icon=”fa-stop” iconcolor=”#333333″ circle=”no” circlecolor=”” size=”15px” class=”ctklist1″ id=””][li_item icon=””]Structured Cabling System (SCS) Design Consultant – Naperville, IL[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-stop”]Audio/Visual (AV) System Design Consultant – Naperville, IL[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Technology Systems Design Consultant – Naperville, IL[/li_item][li_item icon=””]Revit Designer – Naperville, IL

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TDSi is always looking to add top talent to our team. We would like to hear from you – even if we do not have a current open position that fits your specific area of expertise.

Submit your resume and cover letter to info@GoTDSi.com.